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Benefits of EECP Treatment

  • What are the advantages of EECP Therapy?

    EECP is non-invasive, simple, safe, risk free and cost effective treatment without surgery or hospital stay. EECP is useful for treating unstable angina, as a adjunctive therapy after revascularization (i.e., with angioplasty, stent or bypass surgery), and even as first line therapy for angina.

  • How do I personally know the treatment has helped me?

    • Patient can walk more distance without chest pain

    • Patient would have fewer or no angina

    • Episodes of angina would be less painful

    • Patient’s need for anti-anginal medications can be reduced.

    • Patients can return to work and can participate in their active life style once again.

    • Patient would be more energetic.
  • How long EECP treatment take?

    EECP involves 35 days of treatment. Each treatment session is for 1 hour and the patients are asked to come six days a week for six weeks. Missed treatments can be adjusted and thereby complete the course of 35 treatment sessions.

  • What does EECP do?

    EECP causes immediate and sustained increase in heart’s blood supply by:

    • Dilating coronary blood vessels

    • Opening dormant (unused) capillaries

    • Forming new blood vessels (angiogenesis)

    • EECP has two potential beneficial action on the heart. First, inflation increases the blood flow to the coronary arteries and deflation creates a sudden vacuum in the arteries which reduces the work of heart muscles in pumping blood in the arteries. Both these actions reduce cardiac ischemia (the lack of oxygen to the heart muscles) in patients with coronary artery disease

  • What are the risks of EECP Therapy?

    Occasionally, patients develop mild skin irritation in areas under the treatment cuffs or experience muscle or joint discomfort. Some patients feel tired after the first few sessions but this usually ends after the first week.

  • When can I start feeling better from EECP?

    Most of the patients begin feeling the clinical improvement from EECP between 15th to 20th sessions. These benefits include increase in overall energy level, decrease in angina or shortness of breath, completely stopping or decreasing nitroglycerin.

  • Is EECP a replacement for Bypass surgery or Angioplasty?

    Although EECP is not considered a replacement for coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty EECP will re-establish the coronary blood flow to render them unnecessary with improved collateral flow (Natural Bypass). EECP is also used in patients who have already undergone surgery or angioplasty but not getting sufficient relief to their symptoms.

  • Is EECP a recognized treatment?

    EECP is internationally recognized by FDA (USA), CE (Europe) etc. EECP is mentioned in medical text books. Many articles have been published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Reviews Reports, Proceedings of Mayo Clinic, Clinical Cardiology, Journal of External Counter Pulsation etc.

    EECP is now proved world-wide by leading hospitals. The success of EECP can be judged by the fact that in the US Medicare reimbursement rate for EECP has increased by 7% whereas that for other procedures like angioplasty and bypass surgery decreased by 6%.

    The international EECP Patient Registry (IEPR) collects data on the safety, effectiveness and long-term benefits of EECP therapy. The current Research data have shown that the benefits of EECP Therapy can last upto 5 years after completing one course (35 hours) of treatment.

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